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Egzoz klapan niyə su təchizatı boru kəmərində quraşdırılıb və quraşdırılır?

Vaxt: 2022-10-27 Oxunub: 21

As the equipment for quickly removing gas from the pipeline, the exhaust valve is a necessary equipment for the pipeline to improve the efficiency of water delivery equipment and protect the pipeline from deformation and fracture. It is installed at the pump outlet or in the water supply and distribution pipeline to discharge a large amount of accumulated air in the pipeline, so as to improve the use efficiency of water pipes and pumps. In case of negative pressure in the pipe, this valve can quickly absorb air, so as to protect the pipeline from damage caused by negative pressure.
Precautions for setting the exhaust valve:
1. The exhaust valve must be installed vertically, that is, the float in it must be kept in a vertical state to avoid affecting the exhaust.
2. When installing the exhaust valve, it is better to install it together with the isolating valve, so that when the exhaust valve needs to be removed for maintenance, the system can be sealed and the water will not flow out.
3. The exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system, which is conducive to improving the exhaust efficiency.
The exhaust valve is mainly used to exhaust the air inside the pipe. Because there is usually a certain amount of air dissolved in the water, and the solubility of air decreases with the increase of temperature, so the gas is gradually separated from the water in the process of water circulation, and gradually gathered together to form large bubbles or even gas columns. Because of the supplement of water, there is often gas generated.
It is generally used for pipe exhaust of independent heating system, central heating system, heating boiler, central air-conditioning, floor heating and solar heating system.