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Pompanın çıxışı yoxlama klapan ilə təchiz olunmadıqda nə üçün su çəkicinə səbəb olmaq asandır?

Vaxt: 2022-12-16 Oxunub: 7

How to choose a correct check valve for pump system?

The sudden change of water flow in the water pump outlet pipe due to valve opening, valve closing and pump stopping causes a sudden change of flow velocity in the pipe, which causes the change of momentum in unit time, and inevitably generates the corresponding inertial force, thus causing the alternating change of sudden rise and drop of pressure in the pipe. The phenomenon that the velocity and pressure of water flow change with time and position is called water hammer (or water hammer).

Generally speaking, the check valve of the water pump refers to preventing the impact of high-pressure water backflow on the pump impeller in the water supply system of the water pump. For some reason during the operation of the system, the pump stops suddenly, the pressure inside the pump disappears, and the high-pressure water connected to the pump outlet will flow back to the water pump in reverse. If the outlet of the water pump is equipped with a check valve, it will be closed immediately to prevent the high-pressure water from flowing back to the water pump.

On the contrary, if no check valve is installed at the outlet of the water pump, the high-pressure water will flow back to the water pump in reverse, and the pump impeller will reverse under the impact of high-pressure water. In this case, the pump impeller will inevitably bear the impact load of high-pressure water, and in serious cases, the impeller and other parts will become loose and damaged. In this way, the impeller may be thrown out during the operation of the water pump, which will pose a great threat to the safety of operators.

What check valve can be used as the pump outlet check valve

According to the recent water pump problems in Hong Kong, Xiao Bian recommends check valves with high sealing performance. For example, the sealing performance of swing check valves can reach Grade A or Grade AA best when reaching Grade B or above. 0 leakage check valve, go to WALTER Valve!