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Vaxt: 2022-05-12 Oxunub: 26

Why is there still leakage after installation but it has passed pressure test already

The most common sealing surface materials of soft sealing kəpənək klapanları are EPDM, NBR and PTFE . The three materials are different in applicable working conditions, but they all have a common advantage, good sealing performance. Some customers reported that the soft seal vafli kəpənək klapan has clearly passed the factory test. Why does it still leak after installation? One of WALTER customer purchased a batch of soft seal wafer butterfly valves to be used in a water conservancy project he had just undertaken. However, after the completion of product procurement and installation, the customer found that the soft seal butterfly valve put into use had leakage, which made him very puzzled .
After repeated communication and confirmation by the professional technical team. Soon, the cause of the leakage was found. It turns out that the leakage problem is not caused by the valve quality , but because the pipeline installing the valve contains abundant impurities. Finally, WALTER’s technical team gave suggestions, because the soft seal butterfly valve was tested before delivery . When the pressure test had been carried out, there were no impurities in the pipeline , which would affect the sealing performance of the valve. during the pressure test, the high-speed medium contained impurities, which was extremely easy to scratch the sealing surface of the valve and lead to leakage. Obviously, the customer ignored an important step before installing the valve: checking , cleaning the pipeline and removing impurities in the pipeline .
Finally , the customer cleaned the pipeline after WALTER professional technical team suggestions , re-install the soft seal butterfly valves , it never appear the leakage again . the problem had been solved .

Walter Valve always committed to solving the purchase and after-sales problems of water treatment valves.