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Yüksək keyfiyyətli float valve nədir?

Vaxt: 2022-09-02 Oxunub: 27

The advantages of Walter Float control Valve
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Diaphragms are more durable. The diaphragm of WALTER's water control valve is an EPDM diaphragm made by a self-developed bowl-shaped mold ,the thickness is 1.8-2mm.Better fit to the valve body under strong pressure, longer service life, 3-5 years of normal use. The quality of the diaphragm determines the pressure resistance and waterproofness of the valve. Most of the diaphragms on the market are rubber cuttings, which cannot completely fit the valve body, and are easily damaged under strong pressure.
The production cost of the diaphragm of the WALTER valve is more than ten times the cost of ordinary diaphragms.

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The valve has high sensitivity. The diameter of the float ball is 15.5cm, and the larger the float ball, the greater the buoyancy, which can increase the speed of opening and closing the valve and improve the flexibility of the valve.
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Corrosion resistance of the valve. The floating ball and its entire handle and connection keys are all made of SS304, which effectively avoids the risk of water leakage caused by rust and rot of other materials.

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Low Long-term cost and brand cost. Body weight creates a shipping cost disadvantage, but in the long run it is a life and maintenance cost advantage. Unlike consumables, valve replacement and maintenance are both difficult and costly. Therefore, quality must be the first and fundamental reason why users are willing to choose you. Good quality is the best bargaining chip for brand image.

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5 Details are improved.
In addition, we have improved the diameter and number of turns of the accessory spring to better sense water pressure changes and respond quickly.
The improvement of WALTER products comes from valuable suggestions from customers. 10 years of user usage tracking and valuable feedback from customers have made WALTER what it is today. Change continues....