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Flanşlı kəpənək klapanları nədir? Onlar hansı iş şəraitində istifadə olunur?

Vaxt: 2022-08-24 Oxunub: 19

Flange butterfly valve is mainly used in industrial production pipelines. Its function is to cut off the flow of medium in the pipeline or adjust the flow of medium in the pipeline. Flange kəpənək klapanları are widely used in production pipelines in general industries such as water conservancy engineering, water treatment, petroleum, chemical industry and urban heating, and also in condensers and cooling water systems of thermal power stations.
The flange butterfly valve is especially suitable for making large-diameter valves. It is widely used in large-diameter regulating fields. When the flange butterfly valve is fully opened, the flow resistance is small. When the opening angle of the butterfly plate is about 15-70 °, the flange butterfly valve can very sensitively control the medium flow.
In addition, because the butterfly plate of the flange type butterfly valve has the wiping property when rotating, this type of valve can be used in the pipeline with suspended particulate media. According to the strength of the seal, it can also be used in the pipeline with powdery and granular media.
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