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Ən çox klapan istifadə edən yeddi sənaye!

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The valve is a kind of equipment with a wide range of uses. The valve is active in the streets, houses, power plants and paper mills, refineries and various infrastructure and industrial facilities.Introduce the seven industries commonly used in valves and how they use valves:

1. Power industry

Many power plants use fossil fuels and high-speed turbines to generate electricity. Gate valves are the first choice for power plant on/off applications. Other valves, such as Y-type globe valves, are sometimes used.

High-performance ball valves are widely used in the power industry.

Power plant applications make pipes and valves bear great pressure, so valves need solid materials and design to cope with the multiple tests of cycle, temperature and pressure.In addition to the main steam valve, there are many auxiliary pipelines in the power plant. These auxiliary pipes are composed of various stop valves, kəpənək klapanları, check valves, ball valves and gate valves.

2. Waterworks

The water plant needs relatively low pressure level and ambient temperature.

Because the water temperature is normal temperature, rubber seals and elastomers that are not suitable elsewhere can be used. These types of materials can achieve sealed installation of water valves to prevent water leakage.

3. Offshore industry

The pipeline system of offshore production facilities and oil drilling platforms contains a large number of valves. These valve products have a variety of specifications and can solve all flow control problems.

4. Wastewater treatment

Waste water pipelines collect waste solids and fluids and lead them to the sewage treatment plant. Check valve and iron gate are the most popular choices in wastewater treatment.

5. Oil and gas production

Many heavy-duty valves are used in gas wells and oil wells and their production facilities.

6. Flow line

Many important valves are used in these pipelines: for example, emergency pipeline stop valve. The emergency valve can isolate a section of pipeline for maintenance or leakage.

7. Commercial buildings

There are a lot of pipelines in the commercial building. After all, every building needs water and electricity. For water, there must be various pipeline systems to transport running water, waste water, hot water and fire prevention facilities.

In addition, in order to make the fire protection system work normally, they must have sufficient pressure.