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Təzyiq relyef klapanının açılış təzyiqini necə tənzimləmək olar?

Vaxt: 2022-11-23 Oxunub: 20

In order to better use the təzyiq boşaltma vanı, we need to understand some of its related knowledge. How to adjust the opening pressure of pressure relief valve? What are its characteristics?


1. Before the pressure relief valve leaves the factory, its opening pressure shall be adjusted one by one to the setting value required by the user. If the user proposes the working pressure level of the spring, the lower limit of the pressure level shall be adjusted for delivery.

2. The user shall readjust the pressure relief valve on the installation site before installing it on the protected equipment or before installing it to ensure that the set pressure value of the pressure relief valve meets the requirements.

3. Within the working pressure level of the spring indicated on the nameplate, the opening pressure can be adjusted by rotating the adjusting screw to change the spring compression.

4. Before rotating the adjusting screw, the inlet pressure of the valve shall be reduced to less than 90% of the opening pressure to prevent the valve disc from being driven to rotate when rotating the adjusting screw, thus damaging the sealing surface.

5. In order to ensure the accuracy of the opening pressure value, the medium conditions during adjustment, such as medium type, temperature, etc., should be as close as possible to the actual operating conditions.

6. Conventional relief valves are used to fix the additional back pressure. When the opening pressure is adjusted after inspection (the back pressure is atmospheric pressure), the setting value should be the required opening pressure minus the additional back pressure.


1. Accurate and constant safe and stable pressure. Once overpressure occurs, the pressure relief valve can be fully opened for timely pressure relief.

2. The closing speed is adjustable to eliminate pressure fluctuation.

3. Diaphragm drive mechanism reduces the operating hysteresis to a small extent.

4. It can be installed in any position and can be repaired and inspected without changing the pressure setting value or removing from the pipeline.