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Vaxt: 2022-10-20 Oxunub: 24

The main factors affecting gasket and packing seal are as follows:
1. Surface condition of sealing surface:
The shape and surface roughness of the sealing surface have a certain influence on the sealing performance, and the smooth surface is conducive to sealing. Soft gaskets are not sensitive to surface conditions due to their easy deformation, while hard gaskets are greatly affected by surface conditions.
2. Contact width of sealing surface:
The greater the contact width between the sealing surface and the gasket or packing, the longer the path required for fluid leakage, and the greater the flow resistance loss, which is conducive to sealing.
3. Maye xüsusiyyətləri:
The viscosity of liquid has a great influence on the sealing performance of packing and gasket. The fluid with high viscosity is easy to seal due to its poor fluidity. The viscosity of liquid is much higher than that of gas, so liquid is easier to seal than gas
4. Fluid temperature:
The temperature affects the viscosity of the liquid, thus affecting the sealing performance. With the increase of temperature, the viscosity of liquid decreases, and the viscosity of gas also increases. On the other hand, the change of temperature often causes the deformation of sealing components and is easy to cause leakage.
5. Material of gasket and filler:
Soft materials are easy to produce elastic or plastic deformation under the action of preload, thus blocking the channel of fluid leakage, which is conducive to sealing; However, soft materials generally cannot withstand the action of high-pressure fluid. The corrosion resistance, heat resistance, compactness and hydrophilicity of sealing materials have certain effects on the sealing.
6. Specific pressure of sealing surface:
The normal force on the unit contact surface between sealing surfaces is called sealing specific pressure, and the specific pressure of sealing surfaces is an important factor affecting the sealing performance of gaskets or packing.
7. Influence of external conditions:
The vibration of the pipe system, the deformation of the connecting components, the offset of the installation position and other reasons will produce additional force on the seals, which will adversely affect the seals.