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Honqkonqa CLASS150 ANSI Flanşlı Ayaq Yoxlama Valf Nümunəsi

Vaxt: 2022-09-27 Oxunub: 30

A Good Quality Bottom Valve from Suzhou Walter
Last week, the writer sent a sample of the bottom valve to Hong Kong.
Because the samples arrived in Hong Kong, the packaging was intact, and the valve still had a beautiful appearance, they were praised and trusted by customers.
The writer has always attached great importance to the sample order, so the details of sample delivery will be handled perfectly.
Only when the samples are perfectly presented in front of customers can we have the opportunity to win customers're purchase.
So, what about our bottom valve? Please see the detailed introduction below.
Bottom valve material:
Valve body: GGG50;
Base: GGG50;
Spring: SS304;
Valve rod: 2Cr13;
Valve plate: GGG50+EPDM;
Bolt: 201/304/316
Filter screen: SS304;
Bottom valve size DN50-DN400 (other sizes need to be customized)
Working pressure: CL125-CL150
Flange standard: ATSM B16.1
This is a universal American standard bottom valve. If you have any purchase needs, please contact www.walter-fsv.com [e-poçt qorunur].